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Elevate your message with a handpicked team of experts and access to our professional network.

What We Do

At the core of our work, we advance clients' public affairs goals using our experience and an array of strategies.  In the current environment, we work with clients to embrace principled leadership while not alientating key stakeholders.  We help clients navigate the realities of Environmental Social Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the next wave of pressure campaigns, seeking to forge a third way.

Government Affairs


Transportation & Infrastructure

International Relations / Trade

Workforce Development

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

Helping Clients Better Understand Their Ecosystem to Drive Results

Media Relations

Winning Media Campaigns

Media Monitoring

Writing/Placing Op-Eds

Booking Media Appearances: Cable, Broadcast, Radio, Print, Podcasts

Grassroots Coalition Building

Creating and Leveraging Coalitions and Grassroots Efforts


Media Training

Message Development

Speech Writing

Digital Engagement

US Health Intelligence

Policy landscape analysis

Stakeholder Mapping 

Analyze US political risk

Research + Insights

Contextualize policies, new legislation.

Media Training

Stand out with professional media training for association, corporate and government clients using the Big Whig Media facilities which are second to none in the Washington area.

Our team has prepared leaders for delivering messages during crises, and have themselves appeared on cable TV, and/or have written speeches and talking points for Members of Congress,  Cabinet Secretaries and corporate leaders. We are ready to help you and your leaders achieve all their messaging goals.

Media Training
Television Studio_edited.jpg

We provide on-air studio practice opportunities for clients with real-time critiques from our senior team of

media professionals for

high impact training.

On Air Practice

Male Speaker_edited.jpg

Make the most of your time in front of an audience with a high-impact message that draws them in and leaves a lasting impression.

Speech Writing

Media Interview_edited.jpg

Where industry insights and creativity combine to strategically define and leverage your unique vision and position.

Executive Positioning

Clapping Audience_edited.jpg

Get to the heart of the issue with research, writing and editing expertise for any

keynote or press speaking engagements.

Keynote + Remarks

Leather Briefcase_edited.jpg

Know where you stand in a complex and competitive market using our tools to stay on course and navigate change.

Reputation Management

US Health Intelligence

We help investors and companies to understand their exposure to US political risks in medtech and biopharma.

Country Flags_edited.jpg

We analyze the current policy landscape to understand its impact on your position. 

Policy Analysis

Business Meeting_edited.jpg

Providing research and insight into the backgrounds, motives, behaviors and relationships of counter-parties.

Research + Insights

Sticky Notes_edited.jpg

Understanding your complex network of relationships and assessing their sentiments. Find key strengths and opportunities. 

Stakeholder Mapping

US government building_edited.jpg

Putting regulatory policies, new legislation and government into perspective for you and your stakeholders.

Contextualize Policies + Legislation

Legal Research and Writing_edited.jpg

Analyzing the current U.S. political risk(s), potential impact, and strategic ways forward.

Risk Analysis


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